She is definitely growing! FLETCHER releases their first full length album “Girl Of My Dreams”


Hop into your time machine and rewind the clock back to the year 2011. “The X-Factor” is airing on Fox for its premier season in America. Among the auditions there is a 17 year old girl from New Jersey named Cari Fletcher. As Cari sings her rendition of “Alone” by Heart, the audience is hushed by her emotional delivery. Then as she sings the chorus the audience erupts into applause. Although Cari’s group doesn’t get far in the competition, some suspect that she might be a star in the making. And as time would tell, Cari wasn’t done with the stage. 

In the years since America first heard her voice on “The X-Factor”, Cari has found success releasing songs under her solo artist name FLETCHER. As the years have progressed FLETCHER has become an icon in the queer community. Her musicianship and skills as a songwriter have given us several hits including “Bitter”, “Undrunk” and the single for her first full length album “Becky’s So Hot”.

On 16 September 2022, FLETCHER released their first full length album “Girl Of My Dreams”. Although undeniably a pop album, Cari adds a dark twist to the album’s soundscapes. The beautiful production of “Girl Of My Dreams” takes influence from electronic, rock, pop, and alt pop, with some sparkly dream pop elements sprinkled in. Cari’s expert songwriting and passionate vocals are on full display throughout the album. Cari delves into some serious topics including love, lust, heartbreak and self discovery. 

So, now that we are back from our brief trip through the space time continuum, grab some good headphones and let’s have a listen to “Girl Of My Dreams” and see if we can discover the identity of Cari’s dream girl.

Setting the overall tone for our journey, we kick off the album with “Sting”. A reflection on the emotional pain of separation, Cari comments on the pain caused by lost love. Over heavy synths and spacy samples, she wonders how long the pain will last.

How much longer will it sting?

Continuing the themes from the first track, “Guess We Lied” is Cari’s reflection on love that doesn’t last. Some things aren’t meant to be forever and Cari expresses her feelings as she comes to this realization. The instrumentals rise to meet her vocal intensity as forever is lost to the past. 

Did it even hurt? ‘Cause you didn’t cry

I know we said forever but I guess we lied

Birthday Girl” Dials back the energy, but not the emotional delivery. The song prominently features a guitar over a soft bed of synths. Cari’s vocals have a sweet tone as she sings a song for the birthday girl who she can’t get out of her head. 

The night we met we found out we were born on the same day

It was weird but kinda cute

And now it’s weird, but – sucks

Track 4 is the single from the album “Becky’s So Hot”. Cary’s filter is off and she doesn’t hold back on this cut. Guitars and distorted synths envelope the vocals as Cary vents her desires for Becky. The accompanying music video features is a trippy dreamscape sequence as Cari rides through the city lights reminiscing over her feelings. 

If I were you, I’d probably keep her

Makes me wanna hit her when I see her

Another laid back and intimate cut “Better Version” continues the theme of love lost. Cari’s unfiltered delivery presents the feeling of helping someone grow into another person and the pain of seeing that person with someone else. This song also subtly hints that Cari is beginning to realize who the girl of her dreams really is. 

And I fixed your heart, but mine still hurts

And now some other person

Is gonna get the better version

Conversations” is an anthem for the neurodivergent overthinkers of society. Cary sings about her feelings of loneliness that many people felt over the last few years. We hear the sounds of isolation and being stuck in one’s head as the instrumentals blast her vocals into the atmosphere.

Now it’s 2 A.M., lookin’ at the ceilin’

Existential crisis mode

Cari’s vocals are on full throttle in “Serial Heartbreaker”. The overall vibe of the track wouldn’t sound out of place on a Lady Gaga album. Cari reflects on the realization that her approach to love often doesn’t make sense but that she still wants “somebody to hold”. 

I’m not the best at breakin’ up

Too soon to rip the Band-Aid off

A sucker for the fuck me up

FLETCHER’s queerness is on full display in this next track. “Her Body Is Bible” paints the feeling of euphoria that accompanies being with someone. Sprinkled with elements borrowed from rock and dream pop, this track has the most uplifting sound of any song on the album.

It’s just a feelin’, feelin’

It’s likе an ocean wave

Many of us experienced a lot of uncertainty during the last few years. “I Think I’m Growing” is a transitional track in which Cari sings about the introspection of spending a lot of time alone. The vocal work in this cut is angelic. One can almost see a vision of a choir of Cari in a large concert hall.

I haven’t been on a plane this year but

I’ve traveled so many places in my head

Girl Of My Dreams” features one of the most intimate vocal performances on the album so far. Cari counts up the past heartbreaks in her life. Through her search for the girl of her dreams she finally realizes that she has finally found her. After looking for love in others, Cary has found that she is the girl of her dreams.

I got a new rebound

I’m fallin’ for me now

Holiday” is a groovy song driven by a solid foundation of bass and percussion. It describes a vacation in Cari’s head as she finally takes a break from the insanity of everyday life. The overall vibe of this track sounds like a melancholy summer getaway. This song is definitely a bop. 

Not talkin’ Bali, Hawaii, I got a private island

Inside my mind found a fantasy

Cari brings us a love song to herself with the track “I Love You B*tch” The realization that you have to say I love you” to yourself and not just others is a prominent theme here. Cari explores the concept of self love and what it means for her to say “I love you, b*tch”.

So I’ve been lookin’ in the mirror

And I practice sayin’ this

“I love you, b*tch”

For Cari” is the perfect bookend to the album. Our singer has found that she is the girl of her dreams and has finally accepted self love. Cari lets go of the pain and tells herself that she is worth it.

I’m a bad b*tch and nothin’ can scare me

This one’s for Cari

Yeah, this one’s for Cari

FLETCHER has given us a fantastic pop album with “Girl Of My Dreams”. We hope you have enjoyed this listen and we are looking forward to hearing more from FLETCHER. Be sure to catch Cari as she tours this album and stay tuned for more amazing music!

Dom Author
Musician, Bass extraordinaire
Dom Author
Musician, Bass extraordinaire

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