October 22nd saw the release of new single “Catching A Dream” by Jonah Kagen. Located in Savannah, Georgia, Kagen had written the track during the pandemic, of which the singer songwriter considers to be “a very dark time.” The artist quickly made a name for himself during the fall season of 2020, where he encouraged his TikTok followers to “co-write” his original single “Broken,” which received a lot of anticipation and now has 10.5 million streams across multiple platforms. He is also known for his smooth guitar work, and singalong type lyrics.

“’Catching A Dream’ is about the place you go to in your mind when you just want to escape your reality. I really wanted to try to bring out that feeling of escapism and paint a picture of this magical place where nothing weighing you down in the real world could ever follow you. I hope you all love it and that it allows you to escape for a minute.”

~ Jonah Kagen

Supported by a beautifully creative lyric video, “Catching A Dream” is both a cry for help and a reminder to continue forward. The dulcet tones of Kagen’s voicework mixes effortlessly with the detailed instrumentals, creating a sort of soothing atmosphere that could sap any stress away from you instantly. Pandemic worries are prevalent as ever in the lyrics, with lines such as “I’m tired of real life it’s starting to scare me, I turn to my mind to be my sanctuary.” Although the song is mostly described as “reaching a breaking point,” it also promotes “catching a dream,” a widespread ideology that can reach the heart of anyone striving towards a certain passion.

Kagen is also going on his first U.S. tour in support of Maisie Peters. The tour will begin in March 2022 and will be visiting a variety of cities such as Chicago, New York City, Dallas, and Vancouver. Catch Kagen for the first time ever in a city near you with tickets here.

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