Serendipity Rabbitpaw’s cathartic new single “Lizzie”

The third release from the new freak-folk group Serendipity Rabbitpaw, “Lizzie” begins as a simple instrumental duet between an acoustic guitar and a nostaglic synth. Setting the scene for what’s to come, the reflective intro makes way for the singer, Charlotte’s, melancholy croon delivering vivid words about the enlightening of a carefree young girl named Lizzie. She sings in the track about deep feelings that to her “felt like ballet/ felt like prayers/secrets in the heart,” and the colorful imagery of wanderlust and mytiscsm shines through with each new word.

Serendipity Rainbow says that there’s as emotional importance behind this track, the song being about an ex-boyfriend who spent a lot of time with another woman. The potent meaning behind the song made it an easy one for them to produce. “It’s a very basic song with guitar, bass and synth parts, lots of background vocals. She [Charlotte] laid it down in a few takes, the emotion is there…in her voice.”

With a dedication to sound that’s “free flowing folk, electro, funk musical”, the folk duo is already making a name for themselves with their distinctive colorful style and the consistent donning of a rabbit mask for the duo’s anonymous member. Their two previous releases, “Red in The Room” and “Bad, bad Boy” already have views in the thousands despite their debut happening only early this year.

Keep up with the group on their social media and website for more and listen to their cathartic new release “Lizzie” below!

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