“Cherry Red” is the latest single from the New York indie frontrunner Richie Quake. The track was Richie’s last single release before his debut album I Want Some!,  which dropped earlier this week. Born and bred in New York City, Richie Quake channels the fast-paced grittiness of the streets he grew up on in “Cherry Red.”

Watch “Cherry Red,” dir. Josephine Cardoni

Along with the single, Richie Quake also released an accompanying music video for “Cherry Red” that follows the young singer/songwriter as he tries to outrun his vices in and around the streets of New York. An ominous female motorbiker, dressed all in black and donning a face-covering helmet for the entirety of the video, is the personification of said vices––following Richie wherever he goes. But the young protagonist seems to have a love-hate relationship with his stalker, and as “Cherry Red” comes to a close Richie has audiences wondering if maybe, just maybe, we’re lustful of our own shortcomings.

Manhattan is yet another character in the “Cherry Red” music video, lending its flare, dark streets, and a sense that anything could happen. As Richie ducks into tattoo parlors and peeks out of windows, New York is always in view. Euphoria Magazine put it well when they printed, “While musicians everywhere else fight to get out of their small-town America echo chambers, Richie Quake is establishing his ground by nurturing the scene that has nurtured him.” 

Photo credit: Josephine Cardoni

True to his ethos of bringing up the creative community around him, Richie wrote “Cherry Red” with close collaborators Morning Silk and Middle Part. This summer’s release of Richie’s debut album I Want Some! continues to see the talent of his New York community on full display. You can stream Richie’s debut album and more on Spotify, and connect with him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

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