The first solo female Japanese pop artist to hit gold in the United States, Sena Kana, returned last September with a multiplatform release and video for single “Show Me.” In collaboration with hitmaker and multi-instrumentalist Ty Dolla $ign, and production by mega-producer Poo Bear, “Show Me” speaks about anxiety in terms of communicating what is exactly on your mind, and being able to convey yourself clear and concisely enough for the other person to understand. It’s about connections, and the effort that it takes maintain them.

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Sena Kana became captivated with music at a very young age, specifically her passion stemming from the worldwide acclaimed musical The Sound of Music. Much of her time in school was spent mastering musical compositions and learning the techniques of being on stage. In 2017, she debut with her first single “Live Your Dreams” which saw itself dominating at number one on the EU iTunes charts and smashed into first place on the France Digital Song Sales chart in 2018. Today, she is known for breaking boundaries between continental borders, being a star in Japan, The U.S., and Australia, most specifically showing this in her 2019 single “Up” featuring Sheppard and Wiz Khalifa.

“I’d like to get past the boundaries of nationality. The kindness inside of people is what I want to share most through what I do. We can get up again, believe in our dreams again, and connect with people again. Those are the kinds of songs I want to sing. That’s the kind of music I want to make. It’s really my dream to bring people together through music.”

~ Sena Kana

The music video and single is a hypnotic and dazzling experience that will captivate the attention of anyone that comes across it. I recommend adding “Show Me” to your playlist for a moment of tranquility and overall chill vibes.

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