“River” sees its release TODAY, in collaboration with songwriter artists The Knocks and Parson James. The track is exceptionally meaningful, with both talents using their life experiences as an aid to tell a story. The single is aurally transcendent in its bouncy beat and variety of different electronic sounds, overall creating a catchy tune that you are helpless in not singing along to. “River” is a worthwhile listen, and can be viewed for the first time HERE.

Coming from New York, The Knocks consist of Ben Ruttner “B-Roc” and James Patterson “JPatt.” In the past, they lived together in New York on Avenue C in The East Village, where the two turned their apartment into a small studio space for themselves and other artists to arrange music in. As the walls around their studio were very thin, the neighbors of the duo would be repeatedly heard banging brooms to the ceiling and fits to the walls. This is where “The Knocks” originated from, as when the music was at its loudest, the two would jokingly go into each other’s rooms and say “I just got the knocks.” “River” was inspired by the two being quarantined in the woods, and the weight of being alone with just your thoughts.

Photo: Ken Grand-Pierre

From South Carolina, Parson James is from a small town and turned to music as a comfort and skill he delved into at a young age. Afraid of coming out to an unaccepting community, James graduated high school early and moved to New York City to refine his vocal style and musical persona, eventually seeing success around the time of 2015. “River” is especially special to James, as it reminds him of a time that he knew “was going to be one of the last times things were good.” Celebrating his birthday, and sitting at a dock by a lake with a man he had feelings for, it was a time that he wanted to savor within him forever. The demo for “River” brought all of these feelings flooding back to him, and “he immediately started writing the second verse with that experience in mind.”

Photo: Shervin Lainez

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