24 year old Baby Queen has recently released the music video for “Narcissist,” a critical analysis on the way girls are raised to behave in our society. The track comes from her debut mixtape, The Yearbook, and in her creations she portrays one of each of her many characters.

Directed by Harv Frost, the video for “Narcissist” characterizes Baby Queen as a queenly persona of a Gen Z Marie Antoinette-figure, all tied together with a beehive haircut, a dress made from hot pink ruffles. All of her songs from The Yearbook stem from personal experiences, and the lessons that Baby Queen learned while coming from adolescence.

“I think women are told from the moment they are born until they can form their own opinions that beauty and vanity are the key to their success, and then they are berated when they are older for being self-obsessed or apathetic. Cosmetic companies want us to hate ourselves. There is money being made off our obsession with improving ourselves and our appearances. This song is just saying, ‘Yeah, fuck you, I am a narcissist, and I am self-obsessed, but why do you think that is?'”

~ Baby Queen

Adorned in a unique dress covered in the word “ME,” Baby Queen presents herself as the complete center of attention in “Narcissist.” She is seen waving to the people around her in a sort of ‘celerity’ fashion, as well as kissing her reflection and taking up lots of space on a moving train. In her lyrics, Baby Queen explains that the internet is what causes her narcissism, and she makes the point that Gen Z behaves this way because they are simply the creation of what the previous generation taught them to hold their values in.

As a woman and a Gen Z’er myself, I find the statements that Baby Queen makes in “Narcissist” really eye-opening, and I can’t help but consider a lot of her points to be the truth. The single is a rather thought-provoking listen, so I encourage for you to form your own opinions by giving the video a view.

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