The very first song that I ever heard by Sevdaliza was “Amanadine Insensible,” and I was completely hooked, obsessed even. I listen to that song every day for about 3 weeks straight, dancing, driving, showering, thinking it was the sound to my life. That will happen every now and again, you’ll find a random song that makes you feel things that you can’t even explain, it plays on a loop inside your head as you hum along to it through the day. After that little phase, I explored more of Sevdaliza and shocked and amazed by the incredibly creative, unique, and culturally diverse sound of her music, incomparable to anything I had ever heard before. Deep, clever, beautiful, real, pure poetry – these are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think of Sevdaliza’s lyricism. There is light and airy yet haunting reoccurring element of sound in Sevdaliza’s music. As an Iranian artist, she has combined a global range of sounds in music to create a new sound that is completely her own. Her music invokes sentiments and feelings nothing less than spiritual when listened to on the right occasion.

“The visual was completely created through webcams and phones including my section. It was incredible to work with a team that puts art in front of ego? to create a visual purely focused on emotion, without using any professional equipment.” 

Her latest album ‘Shabrang’ chronicles her journey of healing, self-discovery and love, and finding her own peace after years of physical and emotional turmoil. The different levels of energy and emotions she experienced throughout her journey are reflected perfectly in her music, most notably felt in the internal response you inherently feel, provoked by listening to these songs. The album in itself alludes to the power of healing through the collective conscious and self-empowerment. One song that stood out among the rest, just as “Amanadine Insensible” did the first time I heard it, is the song “Darkest Hour” which has a similar effect. Now, the song is enhanced even more by the newly released visuals/music video. The intent of the video was to show what it feels like to be a woman, and it truly did just that – breaking labels, stereotypes, and showing our collective redefinition of what being a woman means. The video honors women all around the world by showing clip after clip of different women, sharing a glimpse of the many different experiences that are constituted by being a woman. The images give you goosebumps and the vocals make you dream.

“Women all around the world deserve to feel loved, safe, be respected, and honored. This is our tribute to women.”

Watch the video here:

Written by Gabrielle Lasater

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