There is a new band in town and they’re about to rock Seattle straight into a new age of metal music. 

One day, ten years ago, guitarist Michael Thornton and drummer Chance Woodard, were setting up to play for the first time together. Chance says that he heard Mike warming up with some notes, asked him to repeat it, and the two of them blended their instruments into one sound. Since that day, they have become two halves of a whole whenever it came to writing music. “It felt so natural, just vibing with one another and feeding off each other’s energy. Music seems to flow out of us as if it were in our deepest inner nature whenever we play together.” 

Hence, the name INSTINCT was born. 

The two of them continued to jam together until they decided to take their music onto another level. Last spring, vocalist Brad, was asked to scream with Mike and Chance to help the duo become a full band. They started recording in Everett this summer when we all met in the studio to create their vision with their sound engineer Aaron.

Since then, INSTINCT has been taking all the necessary measures to take the band as far as it can go. To finish wrapping up their upcoming EP, each band member is constantly working in the studio to perfect each song; in sound, in lyrics, and overall message.

I haven’t seen many people work as hard as these men do to follow their dreams. It’s a rare thing to see someone sacrifice so much time to perfect their craft, let alone an entire band. “We all are very excited to share what we have to offer into the world. There is so much we have to say, and we hope that this EP will give people the idea that we are not going to stop until we break all of the boundaries holding us back from following our dreams.”


The Slave EP has developed individual connotations to Brad, Chance, and Mike, but retain the same core meaning: all of them want to break the chains that society has created around them, whether it is through their 9-5, or what actions and behaviors society expects out of them. And with this message in mind, they intend to go as far as they can—life on tour, making a living doing what they love, and above all, creating music.

“Feral,” was released this Friday; a stark message introducing the entire world to who they are. Our society can trap us all into a state of complacency, a life feeling nothing but burnt-out or domesticated from our true nature. This song encourages its listeners to break those chains, to not be afraid of showing the world who you really are, and to keep fighting for meaning in this world. It is a heavy hitter at that, as well as with the hard-hitting drums, catchy guitar riffs, and growling vocals. 

The “Slave” EP, which will be released in the next few months, touch on various subjects involving breaking boundaries society has built. “Resolute,” will dig deep into the mental state—how depression and anxiety can rule the mind and take over. “Disillusion,” will discuss the boundaries built up by religion. And a song still yet to be named goes over an even more vulnerable and controversial topic—what is expected of us when we feel empathy and how to handle the people around us, who are all broken and hurting.


I am very excited to witness what this band has become so far, and I am looking forward to what else they have in store.

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