Saying Goodbye to the Times of Being “Young and Restless”

Released today, “Young and Restless” is the newest single from Timo Scharf, a singer/songwriter from Germany. He has toured the world with his acoustic guitar, singing songs of catharsis, loss and self discovery, eventually finding a strong spiritual connection to Scotland where he landed in 2018 to record his debut record. On this record, he collaborated with UK indie legend Rod Jones (Idlewild), and “Young and Restless” follows such debut single, titled “Somebody.” Prior to today, with only “Somebody” released to the public, Scharf has achieved over 200k streams on Spotify alone, and is certain to land many more after the beautiful and captivating release that is “Young and Restless.”

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Beginning with a slow piano tune backed by a gentle, echoing soundscape, “Young and Restless” spares no time in showing its artistic excellence. These soothing melodies are quickly and effectively put bellow a faster drum and Scarf’s charming vocals, and of course, such transition is seamless. Overall, the track looks back on a time that was carefree, where resting in the touch of a beloved was still easily obtainable. It documents the anxiety that builds when realizing how quickly you and another are drifting apart. The chorus is incredibly catchy, introducing synth instrumentals and other electronic elements, and the regret and uncertainty that comes in such situations is easily heard in the song’s lyrics. What makes this track so substantial is how it asks a question that we all wonder, unveiling a commonly found secret worry that sprouts in a relationship that is turning doubtful, being “will you love me when I’m gone?”

“Young and Restless” can be listened to on Spotify, and more from Timo Scharf can be found on his Instagram and TikTok.

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