We’re in an age of vulnerability — a time where everyone is sharing their everyday struggles and living their lives with as little facade as possible. Yet it’s still so surprising when someone in the limelight exposes the most sensitive parts of themselves, revealing that they’re human after all, just like the rest of us. Thankfully, we have Sara Kays’ impeccable musical talents to spearhead the conversations that many of us are too scared to start — especially on her newest single released April 22, “Math.”

With a TikTok following of nearly 2 million, as well as over 31 million views on YouTube, Sara Kays is one of the brightest up-and-coming stars in the music world. She writes and sings her songs with an authenticity that belies her 23 years, creating heartfelt, emotional music to which anyone can relate, whether you’re a heartbroken teenager or an anxious adult. “Math” in particular is a bold statement about how, “I wake up in my body and it never feels like home” — a sentiment that, as Sara puts it, harkens back to her childhood:

“‘Math’ is about the way I see and use numbers in my life related to body image … I hated math in school and I still hate it now.

So rarely do artists share the raw emotions they experience with regards to body image or mental health. But Sara confronts these issues head-on with lyrics like, “All my teachers were right / I use Math everyday in my life / I add, subtract, divide / And most of the time it makes me wanna die” and “‘Cause the number below my feet / And the number below my spine / And the numbers on the menu are always too high.”

“Math” starts with a single guitar as Sara’s vocals build up beat by beat. By the time she reaches the chorus and the second verse, her music and voice soar in a pleading, cathartic wave. Even she doesn’t seem to know whether her struggles will be fixed by the end of the song. But more importantly, she sounds all the better just for having shared them. If the goal of art is to move people and help others feel less alone, Sara has perfected her craft — leading the way toward a bright future for herself and ourselves.

Sara Kays is currently supporting Alec Benjamin on his tour. She will be embarking on her own North American tour starting May 31 — tickets are available at In the meantime, you can listen to, and watch the official visualizer for, “Math” now!

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