Multi-talented artist Sabrina Carpenter is calling out her ex-lover on all his toxic ways. “Vicious” takes us on a journey of a romance that just couldn’t hold on any longer. A heavy acoustic guitar lead with emotional raw lyrics that capture intimacy gone too soon. This song will be on her new album Emails I Can’t Send. Sabrina is constantly revamping her style, trying new sounds and fans have really loved and connected with “Vicious.” Being young and in love, the song captures the heartache of a short-lived relationship that was only consumed by negativity. Sabrina sings about trying to see the good, being blinded by the truth.

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Sabrina shows a more personal a private side to her life. She even mentions in the song how she is a private-person and kept quiet about all the bad moments so it wouldn’t ruin her ex’s image. That only backfired as it painted him in a better light while Sabrina took the brunt of the breakup. A cruel truth and reality hits as another young beautiful girl gets her heart broken and her imaged tampered with. Being in the media and public eye, the story is told before you even get to speak your truth. Sabrina is taking her truth back. “Vicious” starts off slow reflecting the build-up to letting all those emotions go and leading into a grunge style with a higher vocal range. Letting all that anger out, she has had enough of the brutality.

“Sonically, you’re able to hear me really closely, and it’s almost like I’m narrating the story to you. This song is really narrative and personal. It’s as if I’m having a conversation. We’ve all had experiences with people we love so deeply who turn out to be different than we thought they were. It’s a really painful realization to come to terms with. A lot of times, we focus on the other side of the healing process and fail to own up to uncomfortable feelings like anger and resentment. I don’t touch on that side of myself too often, but it’s a huge part of my story over the past couple of years, so I thought it was important to start there on ‘Vicious’.”

Sabrina Carpenter

This is definitely a song that many will be able to relate to or have witnessed before. A relationship that has you questioning was anything ever real. Sabrina sings “said that it was me and you for life, now you’re kinda actin’ like I died.” Ouch, that hurts. Feeling like coming in second always, never having the answers you need to heal. A song with a statement and whoever the ex-lover is, you have some explaining to do.

“Vicious” official lyric video

Sabrina has been thriving lately in her career. “Vicious” comes just after another single “Fast Times,” which had over 12 million Spotify streams and 5.5 million Youtube views for the official music video. Rolling Stone claimed it as a “sexy, playful pop song” and one of “the best songs of 2022.” Her fans have voted it upon release “Favorite New Music” on Billboard. She recently made headlines after starring in Emergency, which premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival. Releasing a new fragrance with Scent Beauty called “Sweet Tooth.” She is doing it all and she is doing it well.

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