As one of the biggest aspects of Roskilde Festival is the pre-game leading up to the actual dates the festival begins, the camp grounds had been warming up for days, and this year on 3 July, it was finally time for the music to begin. For the first day of Roskilde Festival 2019, there were some incredibly exciting headliners to kick off the music. Epic names such as Bob Dylan, Cardi B, and more were set to properly begin the week long festival.

Top Acts of Day One

1. Bob Dylan

BOB DYLAN 190703-2

After a lifetime of waiting, Bob Dylan entered the Orange Stage to sing to us as the sun set for the day. Hearing iconic folk songs such as Like A Rolling Stone, Blowin’ in the Wind, and many more. It was incredible to see a crowd filled with people of all ages enjoying Bob’s music – as you looked around, you could definitely see some parents sharing with their children’s first music festival experience and I can’t think of a better headliner for those children to experience this to any artist other than Bob Dylan.

2. Cardi B

Cardi B-29

Cardi, Bardi, Bangin’ body…

Cardi B brought the Bronx all the way to Denmark and surely did not disappoint! Undoubtedly a culture foreign to Danish ways, Cardi entered the stage with a whole unit of dancers sure enough to make New York proud. Between all the twerking, shameless statements, and everything that makes Cardi…. Cardi: it’s safe to say she was easily one of the most hype performances on the first day of the festival!

3. Skepta


It rains, it pours, I came, I saw, I praise the lord…

Following an exciting weekend of seeing A$AP Rocky perform at Tinderbox Festival, Skepta created an incredible follow-up set as the featured artist on the hit “Praise Da Lord”. From the first pregame day at the festival, Praise Da Lord had been blasting throughout camp sites – which could only mean one thing: it was destined to be a Roskilde 2019 anthem. As tradition goes, the more you hear a song play in the camp grounds the more of a “festival anthem” it becomes – which created a lot of surrounding hype for Skepta’s performance. Sometimes, hype can make a performance not live up to your standards – but this was not the case for Skepta. He surpassed my expectations, as well as the crowds, as the mosh pits were out of control and fans eagerly competed to get a spot on the front barricade.


4. Rosalia

ROSALIA 190703-5

Quickly making a name for herself, ROSALIA graced Roskilde with her saucy moves, poise fashion, and gorgeous vocals. There is no doubt in our minds that this was the last year to see her on anything less than a headlining stage. Be sure to see her as soon as possible – before it becomes difficult to get a ticket!



JPEGMAFIA is a name that’s very well known throughout the American underground music scene, but was really brought to light by Flume this year. His performance was incredibly energetic, interactive with the crowd, and aggressive – yet somehow full of love? In between his energetic performances, JPEG would take a moment to speak to the crowd in which he shared messages of love and peace. His set was like a perfect ying & yang.

Photos by Kasper Pasinski & @stargirlshoots

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