Last November 28, the world grew a bit dimmer as, yet another legend was taken away from us. This time in the person of 41-year-old fashion icon Virgil Abloh. The cause of death, cardiac angiosarcoma a type of cancer which he has been battling silently for almost 2 years now. He is survived by his wife Shannon and their lovely children Grey and Lowe. 

Born and raised in the urban jungles of Chicago Illinois, to Ghanaian immigrant parents. He was fueled by the love and support of his mother who was then a seamstress, and father who was a paint shop manager. From that, he slowly learned the ropes such as the skill of sewing which he learned from her mother. As he grew in age and grace, he found himself first taking up engineering and architecture. But like a scene from a movie, life had far greater plans for him and as they would say everything was history. 

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Through his intelligence, eye for design and culture, he found himself playing the roles of artistic director of Louis Vuitton, artistic director for Jay-Z/ Kanye album “Watch the throne”, creative director of Kanye’s creative agency Donda and so much more. Then there was businesses Pyrex Vision, which was followed by Off-White which found mainstream success. He too was named as one of Time Magazine’s most Influential people of 2018. It was as if everywhere he went, he brought that magic touch with him. Blank canvases turned to gold fit for royalty and otherworldly. In his hands, he transformed streetwear into high class art but never forgot its original intention of functionality. He was the epitome of “a maker” as he dubbed himself, and everyone wanted more.

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As much as loved fashion and art, he also dabbled in the realm of music.

But what we are truly in awe was big heart which he showered his family with every chance he got. This then extended to his mentorship of a new breed of black designers such as Samuel Ross. 

Image Courtesy of Harrods

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Virgil was a great son, friend, innovator, husband, father, teacher and so much more. He served as a beacon of colorful and playful light that radiated for all the world to see. Through his voice, wisdom, designs and works, we found poetry in motion in its purest form. He was a beauty to behold, and overall treat to the senses. Regardless of age, stature, or culture, one can’t help but to gravitate towards him because he had a beautiful soul that pierced even through the toughest of people. This is very clear most especially to those lives he’s touched all throughout his 41 years in this planet and to those who knew him from a distance.

Legends never die. Their body may pass but their memories and larger than life persona will remain in our hearts forever. 

Rest in paradise our Dearest King. We love you!

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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