I Want Some! is the debut album from indie up-and-comer Richie Quake, whose slurry of singles leading up to the album garnered the artist some pretty foundational acclaim. Born and raised in New York City, the “Cherry Red” singer is musically connected to the Manhattan streets he grew up on. And it’s paid off for Quake, who now stands at the precipice of fame: Broadway World Music called him a “frontrunner of the New York indie renaissance.” 

Out via Mass Appeal, Quake released I Want Some! on June 29, a debut album that builds favorably upon his past singles. Deeply ingrained in the creative scene of his Lower East Side home, I Want Some! is a collaborative project, aimed to give voice to creatives in his community and open doors for a new generation in the indie scene. 

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Quake told Prelude Press that he was largely inspired by Nan Goldin’s The Ballad of Sexual Dependency while creating I Want Some! Quoting the book, he said, “I want to show exactly what my world looks like, without glamorization, without glorification. This is not a bleak world, but one in which there is an awareness of pain, a quality of introspection.” Indeed, I Want Some! sees Richie in the throws of youth––battling his vices and struggling with his love life. 

Richie Quake shared three singles from I Want Some! before unveiling his debut album. Together amassing more than 300k streams, singles “That’s Not Love!,” “Crawl” featuring Anna Shoemaker, and “Cherry Red” preceded I Want Some!. With catchy, melodic arpeggios that lighten up a pretty heavy baseline, “Crawl” is undoubtedly the most impressive pre-release from Quake. While “That’s Not Love!” and “Cherry Red” see the singer venture into deeper songwriting territory, it comes at the expense of musical ferver. 

“Crawl” official music video

I Want Some! is quite an intimate album, in many ways a window into the daily life of Richie Quake. But on the whole, the self-portrait doesn’t sacrifice tuneful panache. “Rolling Around” is the first track on the album, and catches Richie struggling in youthful limbo. “Tied up and caught in it,” Quake hedges a lyrical downpour steeped in uncertainty and a sense of surrender to days that just seem to pass by, one by one. 

“Joyride” and title track “You (I Want Some)” offer a funk-infused, electronic next chapter to the album. Harnessing a psychedelic pop sound akin to Mild High Club, Richie Quake masters the soundtrack for a late weekend night.

Other solid mentions are “OneFourThree” and “Light Like Smoke” which make good use of catchy ambient melodies, light floating vocals, and a tinge of good old rock and roll. “Cherry Red” closes out I Want Some! on an admittedly weaker note, but the metaphorical lyrics witness Richie Quake still running from his vices––appropriately, the intimate, no-frills themes that saturate I Want Some! leave listeners with a sense that Quake isn’t contented quite yet; he’s still got some living to do.

Richie Quake is celebrating the release of his debut album on July 20, ticket info below

For his debut album, Richie Quake pulled together a pretty impressive roster of talented collaborators. Influence from Anna Shoemaker, Morning Silk, Middle Part, Blonder, Sur Back, Andreas Stavropolis and Tabitha Aryn Ellin saturate I Want Some!, making good on Richie’s commitment to uplifting his community through music.

In celebration, Richie Quake is hosting an album release party at Brooklyn, New York’s Baby’s All Right on July 20th. This will be his first ever headlining show, in none other than the city that shaped him. Fans can expect a turnout of Richie’s close collaborators, as well as a performance by Beau. Tickets for the release party show are available here.

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