Nashville-based rising R&B/Pop singer-songwriter Ria Marie is calling the shots with her new single “Playground,” out today (July 6) on all streaming platforms. The tight R&B groove sharpens its playful edge with Ria’s sultry bite and tough-as-brass-knuckles synth work, courtesy of frequent collaborators The Producers, a duo based in the U.K. To top it off, acclaimed producer Sonic Pilot (Riff Raff) throws a quick one-two punch with an icy-hot guitar solo during the song’s bridge.

Recorded at Pilot’s Nashville studio, “Playground” is a confident take on challenging the double standards when it comes to men being the only players on the field of love. Ria flips this dated narrative on its head while remaining in complete control of who she decides to be with.

“This song reflects how I feel about today’s dating landscape for women and the power imbalance we face,” shared Ria, who wrote the track with pop singer-songwriter Juliette Reilly. “It’s no secret that men can play ‘the game’ and date around like it’s no big deal but women are judged the minute they do the same thing. Here’s to changing that conversation.”

This new tune follows Ria’s fiery kiss-off anthem “Better” which has garnered almost 60,000 Spotify streams since its fall 2019 release. Last winter saw the vocal powerhouse perform numerous Sofar Sounds shows across the country, including a showcase in NYC where she also performed for iHeartRadio.

After The Producers discovered her Instagram covers in 2017, Ria has been collaborating with them since to create forward-thinking R&B across the Atlantic without ever meeting — only working together digitally until this past February. The independent artist finally met the dream team production duo during a two-week songwriting retreat at their London studio where she co-produced almost 20 fresh tracks.

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