Replicating a Love in Life That “Feels Like Summer”

Tabor’s first ever single, “Feels Like Summer,” released on June 4th, 2021, and has become his most popular song on Spotify to date. The track is a pure pop song about making it through difficulties in a relationship, presenting this topic as vibey, warm, and triumphant. The song produces a unique feeling, simulating the joy that comes from flying across the open water on a speedboat on a summer afternoon, and all of this is only possible due to how Tabor writes, performs, records, and produces all his music from his apartment in New York City. Currently, Tabor is hard at work on his second album, which follows his debut 2021 album titled Games.

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“Feels Like Summer” is an earworm packed with positivity and a hopeful view into the near future. While listening, audiences are first captivated by Tabor’s luscious vocals, then given the full picture as a the track’s gorgeous instrumental sound follows his lead. You are taken on a journey of unbreaking trust and the feeling of immense gratitude, simulating the joy that comes with your hand in someone else’s, and finding comfort in the security of a strong bond. Here, summer is treated as a celebratory season, a time to reflect on past experiences and learn from the times that require it. Basically, you’ve come so far and have so much more growing to do, so why not take a moment to allow the festivities of summer to be inside of your mind, and cherish what got you to this season in the first place?

Tabor is also found on Instagram and TikTok.

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