So far, 2022 has seen album CAPRISONGS and single “Killer” from the multi-talented avante-pop FKA Twigs. “Killer,” at the crossroads of electro-R&B and dance pop, is the newest single from the Grammy-nominated vocalist, songwriter, lyricist, and producer. It is a track brimming with hard-fought inward looking, wherein Twigs, at war with herself, wonders if the man she loves is more a hazard than a companion.

I don’t wanna die for love, but that holy love

That one and only love that a life is worthy of

FKA Twigs, “Killer”

Now, FKA Twigs has added a powerful visualizer to this heavy lyrical dialogue. Panning between intimate shots of Twigs and her lover, to the singer writhing through emotional contemporary dance choreo, Twigs visually captures a theme at the heart of “Killer”: that love, especially difficult, frightening, or harmful love, is just as much about yourself as it is your lustful counterpart. How, Twigs struggles with, do we know when it’s gone too far?  When do we walk away?

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The video, directed by Yoann Lemoine, features actor Arón Piper and was shot on Praia de Almagreira beach in Portugal. The stunning visual is an intimate insight into the turmoil of heartbreak, as showcased lyrically in “Killer.” 

Speaking on directing the visual, Lemoine says: “Twigs approached me with a beautiful treatment for ‘Killer’ that she had written about her personal story. It felt empowering and vulnerable at the same time. I said yes instantly when she asked me to direct it. It was the perfect opportunity to portray her in a way that we have not seen before, raw and intimate. The video is about the poison and the fuel that personal trauma is in art. How our experience forces us to create and how sometimes it is only inhibition and violence. I just wanted to let her talent as a performer and dancer shine through without turbulence or filter, and to let the beautiful work of choreographer Juliano Nuñes shine through her. Twigs is the hardest working artist I have ever met, and it made the process so easy. Her connection with Aron Piper is very special and cinematic, he brought the perfect tension to the film, I’m very excited I could work with both of them.” 

“Killer” artwork

“Killer” received high praise from the likes of Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, and The Independent. Last week, Colors studio released an incredible live version of “Killer” here. 2022 will see more from FKA Twigs besides new music; she’ll be starring alongside Bill Skarsgård in modern reimagining of The Crow, based on the original graphic novel by James O’Barr, directed by Rupert Sanders. You can listen to more from FKA Twigs on Spotify, or stay connected on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

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