According to Billboard’s 2021 Boxscore the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado was the highest-grossing and most-attended music venue in the world in 2021. Red Rocks won the competition with almost 996,570 attendees this year  amassing an enormous $61,682,130. Denver’s Mayor Michael Hancock said “Thank you to ALL of our staff and everyone who has attended events at this Colorado gem. We’re lucky to have Red Rocks in our backyard for Denverites and visitors to enjoy,” in a tweet on Friday.

How exactly did the Red Rocks achieve this huge feat by beating the second-highest grossing venue by $20,000,000 even amidst a global pandemic? Well, while the T-Mobile Arena had hosted only eight shows this year, according to Billboard, Red Rocks had hosted around 134 shows this year. Following the closure due to the pandemic, Red Rocks reopened in April with a capacity of 2,500. Now the venue is being operating in full swing with full capacity and it also has a complete concert schedule. 

The closest competitor of the venue was the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, that had only brought in $37,229,362 and had 106,450 visitors, according to Billboard. The Madison Square Garden in New York had its first show only in June of 2021, and had hosted 17 shows total. Moreover, the next very next venue that was on Billboard’s list of top spots had hosted only 47 shows which is quite a bit off of Red Rocks’ 134.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre was opened in 1941 and since then became one of the most iconic landmarks in Colorado. The venue has hosted many music legends, including the Beatles in 1964. The Amphitheatre is popularly known for its massive rock formations that flanks the audience, and drops down toward the stage. There’s also an elevation difference of around 100 from the stage to the top row, and has 193 steps in between, according to the Red Rocks website.  

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Annliya George Subscriber
I am a college freshman majoring in English. I love writing, reading and singing.
Annliya George Subscriber
I am a college freshman majoring in English. I love writing, reading and singing.

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