Introducing Theo Kandel, New York City’s singer-songwriter relocated to Nashville. The 20-something-year kid’s personalized Spotify bio so brilliantly describes his music as “post-sadboi pop.” Having only released singles since his 2015 self-titled EP, his next project will turn heads—better yet, turn ears.

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Kandel released his first of however many volumes of “Love & Other Complaints,” on April 9th. The first track, “Till the Lights,” sets the scene of taking a drive to clear your mind. The vocals are abundant as the singer projects, “sometimes fights are better left in bed… we went outside to forget the things we said.” The vocals are built up and layered prior to the chorus drop: “Till the lights are on the road, until the car breaks down and slows, oh we’ll be driving ’til the morning time…” Chords of his guitar follow, supplementing Kandel’s catchy, expressive lyrics.

The second and final song of “Love & Other Complaints, Vol. 1” begins with a similar vocal structure. Kandel guides the listener into “Rained This Hard” with a series of questions through a voice of longing. Simplistic lines like “I’ll go open us a bottle of wine,” and “I promise it gets better with time,” almost gesture towards the EP’s title. “Love & Other Complaints” implies that love itself is a complaint. Details are woven into the threading lyrics throughout the EP, arising a sense of curiosity in the listener.

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Glasse was lucky enough to catch the Nashville guitarist in the midst of his busy quarantine schedule, for an exclusive performance on the Glasse Instagram. During Kandel’s ‘set’ for Glasse’s ongoing Corona Lounge series, he spilled the beans on his new EP and ongoing project.

Kandel explained that yes, there will be more volumes to “Love & Other Complaints, Vol 1.” These mini-EPs will be separated by sonically thematic elements like production style. We already hear this in Volume 1. Both “Till the Lights” and “Rained This Hard” have multiple layers of sound, laying a thick-sounding foundation for each track. There’s an alternative element to both songs, and Kandel’s voice remains tender throughout.

These songs are gentle, yet abundant. Theo Kandel’s voice carries a sense of love, but also a sense of longing. It truly is filled with love and other complaints. Listeners everywhere are patiently awaiting Volume 2 and beyond. Bravo, Theo Kandel!


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