To start off our second round of Nashville Quarantine Tapes, we sat down with S-Wrap at our favorite collaborative creative space, H.O.M.E. in East Nashville. S-Wrap is a spoken word hip-hop artist who sets an admirable example for true stewardship in the music industry. In his tape he shares 5 original tracks with us and discusses topics of self-improvement, self-empowerment, the power of words, and the importance of collaboration. We hope you enjoy!

With track titles like “Virtue,” “Shine,” “Won’t Stop,” and “Royalty,” it’s obvious from the get-go what S-Wrap is all about. His very essence sparkles and his use of words speaks volumes to what he’s doing with his craft. Bar after bar after bar is carefully stitched together with such intricacy, full of poetic facts touching on purpose and growth. Each line has its listener feeling lighter before they can even begin analyzing what they just heard. S-Wrap is a true King. He steps up to the plate in his art, holding himself high and inspiring others to do the same in their own special way. One of my favorite lines of his opens and closes the first song he performed for us, “Virtue“: “I cant waste time, cuz I’m working, but Heavenly Father made you, like, hella perfect. They say, ‘Practice what you preach!” cuz patience is a virtue. And, stay on your grind, cuz blessings don’t come free!”

Each of his song’s have an important message that highlights different aspects of S-Wrap‘s immaculate mindset. His perspective inspiring, and he really does an amazing job channeling his energy to create something nourishing for his listeners. “Shine” is a reminder of that break in the clouds that finally shines down on you after a storm, a reminder to “stay plugged into the source and make sure your dreams are bigger than what you do on your own.” Won’t Stop” provides encouragement to keep going no matter what life might throw your way. S-Wraps reminds us that you always have victory as long as you don’t stop. In alignment with his mission to speak life and positivity into everything that he does, his lyrics “I’m speaking life into the underground, and now now your day quite sunny now,” displays this affirmation you can use that if you speak it, then you’ll see it. We truly have power over our realities if we speak good things into existence.

S-Wrap‘s passion for music and language has taken him all over the world to continue spreading his light on all sorts of experiences, people, relationships and opportunities. While studying audio engineering abroad in Japan, he found himself performing with a band at student-run festivals and getting connected with people who would shape his future. At another point he got connected with a non-profit organization, called Global Livingston Institute, to perform at music festivals in East African that were providing free HIV testing. In just the first six hours of the very first event, the number of tests they administered beat the number of tests they have in one year. Leaving behind a more educated and empowered people has been the impact of setting world records numbers at these events, and performing alongside the Beyonce’s and Jay-Z’s of these countries has just been a bonus. S-Wrap shares that people will literally come up to him after these events and say, “You’ve empowered me.” That must be an in-explainable feeling, an affirmation that he’s using his power of words for good.

Returning from Africa pushed S-Wrap to really begin stepping into his role of stewardship in his local music community. Continuing his efforts in different ways, he began teaching the youth in Nashville and started a mastermind group to connect creative entrepreneurs with resources, tools and a collective of like-minded individuals who can help each other. By teaching the all the soft skills he’s acquired through his life experiences and personal studies, S-Wrap blesses his “Eclectic” group in an ever-exchanging circle of gifts. I loved how he phrased this in our interview: “If you’re successful, then I’m successful, and that’s how we all raise together.”

Hopefully hearing these anecdotes S-Wraps tells us, ignites some light in you, just by hearing him share his testimony, to make an impact in your own personal lives, if not also on a greater scale, at least within the relationships and communities closest to you. As S-Wrap says in his tape, “We’re all royalty, so wear your crown and wear it high!” To keep up-to-date with all that he does, you can link with S-Wrap on his website and socials, or if you just want to soak in his vibes you can stream his latest single “Royalty” now everywhere!

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