We were blessed with the opportunity to meet with Jamaican-Lebanese R&B/Pop artist Rizk in Nashville, TN. Enjoy our conversations and his exclusive performance of recently released “Specialty” and a surprise unreleased track.

Matt Mahood of Kingston, Jamaica has spent the past 7-8 years going to school and living in the United States between Nashville and Atlanta. His days as a music business major at Belmont University solidified his desire to make a career out of music. Since he took the stage in the Belmont Showcase Series with fellow class-mates and members of his group Sound Proof, Matt has pursued a solo project, going by the name Rizk. Taking with him the boy-band charm in developing his love songwriting skills, Rizk speaks on different perspectives and shades of relationships in a mature and suave way.

Rizk’s bold personality and fashionable threads lightened our studio space and had us highly entertained the entire session. The energy Rizk and Jess Grommet, on guitar accompaniment, brought to the studio felt familiar and contagious. There was never a dull moment, which is evident in this tape we captured for you!

A performance of a stripped down arrangement of Rizk’s unreleased single “No Confusion” had us deep in the feels. This wordsmith’s “No Confusion” explores the heartfelt emotions of a budding relationship, emphasizing the importance of straight-forward communication and honesty. Be on the lookout for the release of the fully-produced version soon!

Released back in November with producer Romario, “Specialty” is a feel-good reggaeton pop love song that would cause any club scene to go crazy. Between the female performers who absolutely go off in the track’s music video, the dance moves and mock-guitar playing of Rizk, and the hype-man energy of Romario, it’s hard to say who was the star in this!

Photography and Videography by Stargirl Shoots

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