Puscifer Begins Next Leg of “Existential Reckoning” Tour at San Francisco’s Historic Warfield Theater

On Thursday, October 13th, Puscifer began their next leg of tour in San Francisco with a packed crowd. Each member of the audience tucked away their cell phones for an electronic-free night to enjoy a night many would never forget.

Puscifer crowd – by Helana Michelle

An evening split into in three acts, Puscifer set the stage with a multi-layer platform where the performers climbed, and lights danced in an array with sheets of fog to set the stage. Screens backlit the stage and set the tone for each act, where Agent Dick Merkin, (performed by Maynard James Keenan) talked about the top secret cases they were studying for their work. Beginning the night, the band let their audience in on the secret and special ingredient of SPAM: the ground up remains of anyone on their stage who pulled out their phones. The reveal was met with laughter from the crowd, and they took it as their warning to abide by the request.

Other cases the agents on stage were working on was the study of clones made up of different celebrities, including that of Maynard James Keenan, a “failed” project that “turned him into quite a jerk,” according to Agent Dick Merkin. All jokes and laughter aside, the performance itself was one for the books in its uniqueness and talents to connect humanity with all things digital.

Carina Round and Mat Mitchell’s performances pulled the intricacies up a notch with harmonizing vocals and rhythmic guitar that alone made for an inspirational tone, but together, the band turned full super-group with unique talents that combined in a sonic experience unlike many. Paired with visuals such as backup dancers dressed in secret agent uniforms, aliens bordering on abducting the artists, and a few appearances of famed Billy D, the night was unforgettable.

Catch your tickets to the remaining dates of the tour here! Stay tuned for more updates about Puscifer.

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