Shortly after her Grammy nomination for best metal performance in her music video of “BLOODMONEY,” Poppy dropped her fourth extended play and first Christmas release titled, A Very Poppy Christmas. The album is a short and sweet four tracks, with three originals and one cover of a Christmas classic.

As a musician going beyond the boundaries of genre, Poppy’s latest LP, I Disagree, arose some controversy in her the album after claiming it to be post-genre, blending nu-metal, pop, and metal unclean screams and heavy guitar while discussing her break from a toxic environment and the boxes she had been constrained in up until this point. I Disagree was her ultimate symbol of rebellion, the expression of burning down the box of standards she had been confined in. Read our full album review here.

This week, Poppy shifted the tone in genre again with her latest release, A Very Poppy Christmas. While alluring her fans with signature sweet vocals, she builds suspense in her lyrics with its emotional and atypical content. The EP is short and sweet, containing three originals, and a vulnerable cover of the classic, “Silver Bells.”


Starting off the album, Poppy’s “I Like Presents,” builds a unique love story narrative. Beginning with a strum of electric guitar, the vocals then pour in and haunt the soul with its slow tempo; it talks of love in its simplicity, with a holiday theme. “I like presents, yes indeed/ but you’re the only thing I need/call it selfish, call it greed/ all of you for all of me,” Poppy sings. And that’s all the song needs; a stripped back, acoustic feel and echoing vocals that stay stuck in your head while lulling you into a state of longing for that kind of simple love where you have someone you care about all to yourself.


With a uniquely dark twist, “I Won’t Be Home for Christmas,” takes a darker turn of the holiday classic “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.” As it channels melancholia that occurs for some during the holidays, this single offers a turn and new perspective against the cheerful tunes, creating an environment to mourn and grieve and embrace a world where some don’t have to feel guilty about being sad during the holidays, all without leaning into being an anti-holiday album.

 “No, I won’t be home for Christmas/Baby, tell me nothing’s changed/In your heart you feel the same/We created all this distance/And I know you’re missing me/And I don’t know where I’ll be/But I won’t be home for Christmas,” Poppy sings in the chorus.


Next, Poppy’s third original, “Kiss in the Snow,” offers another sweet love song; while building up the mood for the cold holiday weather, it describes Christmas traditions of cutting down the trees and cuddling up with a loved one in blankets and sweaters. The song is short and calming while providing some beautiful visuals of the cold holiday weather and spending time with the ones you love.


A cover of the yule tide classic, “Silver Bells,” takes a turn with Poppy’s sweet vocals and slow, bedroom pop tempo. As it maintains a simple, stripped-back feel as it has throughout the album, the track embraces the sweet vocals and positive melody to conclude the EP with an upbeat and hopeful tone.

Expressing various emotions regarding the holidays, Poppy’s latest release embraces the melancholy as well as the sweetness that comes with them. A Very Poppy Christmas reveals beautiful visuals to wrap up sweet love songs and sadness neatly into a simple present, lulling us into a melody that is neither pro or anti-holiday. It simply includes all feelings, welcoming the positive and negative emotions many of us feel in this time of year, and refusing to leave anything out of place.

Exclusive merchandise is available for A Very Poppy Christmas, including a unique red vinyl. Stream the album in full, available on all major streaming platforms:

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