You may have seen the unusual YouTube performance videos gone viral– featuring goth pop star known as Poppy, but little did you know that the artist has used her growing persona to promote a music career over the last five years. Since her first short video in 2014, she has released three full length albums and traveled the world while on tour.

Making a debut as a storytelling meme gone viral with videos like, “I’m Poppy,” the artist broke into the music world with her unusual sense of style while empowering her fans with to conquer the world with love and acceptance.

Fans of Poppy have been anticipating more new music since the release of her latest album, I Disagree, a project she has called “post-genre,” and “heavy.” The album, inspired by the K-Pop and J-Pop genres with a metal twist with heavy guitar and drums, is a unique variety of bubblegum and dark, captivating to the ears.

Recently, Poppy released a cover of , “All the Things She Said.”

The single was originally written by t.A.T.u in 2002 and known for its mixed reviews by critics for its themes of two women falling for each other. In several countries, both the music video and the song caused controversy for its content.

Now, nearly two decades later, Poppy created her own cover to promote awareness of Pride Month and to inspire fans to find happiness in discovering their true identity. With the song’s original history behind it, the message behind the music becomes all the more powerful.

Since the tragedies of this year have continued to unfold, the release date of the cover was delayed. However, Poppy deemed that even though the injustices of the black community have come further to light, it was still appropriate to drop the single. In a post on social media, Poppy explains the reasoning behind the release and extends an arm out in support of protesting inequality of minorities in America.


Through all of the brokenness in this world, it’s musicians like Poppy who have continued to stand strong and promote love and self-empowerment.

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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