Plastic Farm Gives Us a Dreamy Indie Pop Song with “Dreaming Anyway”

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Ottawa singer/songwriter Plastic Farm finds a lot of joy and takes pride in making all sorts of sounds from their bedroom. Sometimes the songs are happy, sometimes the songs are sad…but the artist just hopes listeners enjoy them.

“Dreaming Anyway” is their latest single. It’s warm and hard-hitting with shimmery guitars and synths and a driving basslines. It’s about dreams and how life could be a dream. And with everything that the world has witnessed over the last year, it’s the kind of song that we want to cherish because of the kind of glow it gives us inside.

It starts off with cascading drum beats balanced out by calm yet iridescent guitar strums. The instrumental is very reminiscent of the soundtracks to feel-good movies from the early 80’s. It also feels like late summer drives with no destination in mind. The bassline steadily continues with the occasional synth flourish as Plastic Farm sings in an equally dreamy tone. Illuminating vocalizations are layered over short instrumental-only portions of the song, scattered between the title phrase. The lyrics explore the inner-workings of the singer’s head – a constant dreamscape, even when the singer finds themselves in the middle of a busy reality. And the complete comfort they find in this dreamscape.

This song reminds us of warm and happy memories. It reminds us that we can feel the airy lightness of a dreamscape every day because life can be a dream.

Elena Lin Administrator
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Elena Lin Administrator
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