Paris Jackson is all grown up and the apple did not fall far from the tree in this family. Paris is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actress and an activist. Michael would be proud to know his daughter is creating her own path in the industry. Her newest single “lighthouse” has a nineties-rock grunge vibe. Listening to it reminds me of a dark basement party, with an old couch with smoke all around and everyone just chilling. Angsty teens just trying to fit in.

Paris Jackson – lighthouse Press Photo – Credit: NAS BOGADO

“Lighthouse” radiates a hypnotic sedative tone. Very chill song but with a message of not being good enough in a relationship. This guy is off with someone else and Paris wishes she could be the one that fills his veins ups. To be the one occupying every thought in his body. Pleading to be noticed. This ex-lover is aware of the distant, sharing drinks with others but it’s not quite the same as if he were to share it with Paris. The drink burns the throat and something isn’t right.

The lyrics state “I can feel the lights go low, but I don’t wanna let go now. Maybe if I turn around you’ll see me.” Paris wants that light to stay. The spark in the relationship is slowly dying but Paris won’t accept that. There must be a way to salvage this relationship.

I continued to write about this same old heartbreak that ‘wilted’ is about. A lot of the new songs coming out are similar stories about the same person and heartbreak. I guess I’m just exploring different feelings. ‘wilted’ was a more melancholy record, and now I’m exploring more of the anger…

Paris Jackson on “lighthouse”

Along with the song, Paris released a music video that really shows how classic the song is. The video was inspired by Nirvana’sSilver” music video and even pays homage to Kurt Cobain. The “lighthouse” video very much matches the description of a garage band in 90s clothing in a basement with trophies on the wall, old polaroids, old radios looking like it was filmed on a very old camera with static and grainy film. The cameras that no one ever knows how to properly put the date in the corner.

Official music video for “lighthouse” by Paris Jackson

It is very different than the music that has been out recently, bringing back an old style while still keeping up with the times. Making a name for herself outside of the already famous “Jackson” legacy infusing her own flare, her own stories, raw emotion and her own art.

Listen to “lighthouse” here!

Watch Paris perform “lighthouse” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon here.

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