On October 21st, Parcels debuted the music video for their new single, “Theworstthing.” In the video, the confessional nature of the lyrics is amplified by scenes of band members and other actors pretending to be in therapy sessions. While most of Parcels’ output to this point has been danceable and quite funky, “Theworsttthing” retains the funk while moving towards a more melancholic and melodic sound. 

On the track, Parcels say, “Patrick had this track written in the form of a beautifully lo-fi slow jam demo direct from his Berlin bedroom. We were later drawn to it when writing together in a rented house in the bush of Australia, where we spent all hours jamming out tracks and going deep into the music. It quickly became clear that this was an example of some of Pat’s finest songwriting to date and so the task then was to honor this as simply as possible. Despite the groove, there was a touch of country in there which we were excited to work with. The result sounds very true to Parcels while the song itself feels like pure and quintessential Pat.” 

The final scene of the music video completely recontextualizes the rest of the confessional nature of the song and video. After showing the actors who went through the therapy session reach a point of acceptance, the song ends and there is a cut to a completely different scene. In the therapist’s apartment, their child is playing with a toy snare drum while their partner is shown dancing to a disco-inspired, uplifting track. This is supposedly a teaser for Parcels’ next music video and song.

Check out the music video for “Theworsttthing” below, and let us know what you think!

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