Paramore roars back with conviction in their latest single “This Is Why”

Paramore – L-R: Taylor York, Hayley WilliamsZac Farro. Photo Credit: Zachary Gray

For just over 5 years, Paramore fans have been waiting patiently, or in some cases not so patiently, for them to release new music. On 28 September 2022 Paramore finally released their new single “This is Why” to the world.

This Is Why – Album Art

“This is Why” brings a variety of new soundscapes to Paramore. Paramore has mentioned that during the process of writing “This is Why” they wanted to go for a guitar and drum driven sound. The drums propel the song forward with wild aggression and the guitar work is right in line. The bass in this song wouldn’t sound out of place in a beetles or Tame Impala cut. Overall the instrumentals could be summed up as Tim Henson of Polyphia teaming up with Paul McCartney to craft a prog rock anthem.

Halley’s vocal performance still retains the attitude that we love from Paramore. Her energy matches the driving force of the instrumentals pound for pound. The chorus in particular invites the audience to chant along with the band as Halley vents her frustrations. Undoubtedly crowds will be singing along with Paramore on their upcoming sold out tour.

Better have conviction

‘Cause we want crimes of passion

Survival of the fittest

You’re either with us or you can keep it

Paramore: This Is Why [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

The accompanying music video for “This Is Why” was directed by Brendan Yates, the singer for Turnstile. The video has a nostalgic look reminiscent of the golden age of cinema. The band is framed by gorgeous views as we follow them between locations. We highly recommend watching it on the biggest possible screen to fully appreciate the cinematic visuals.

This release has definitely left us hungry for more music from Paramore. We are looking forward to the release of their full length album on 10 February 2023. In the meantime be sure to chant along to “This Is Why” available on all streaming platforms. Stay tuned for more to come!

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Musician, Bass extraordinaire
Dom Author
Musician, Bass extraordinaire

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