Listen up single ladies, have we got the anthem for you. Grab your bestie especially one that just broke up with that loser and BLAST Olivia O’Brien’s new single “Bitch Back” featuring Fletcher. Not only did she just release the single best friend anthem but she also dropped a hot fun new music video for it. This song is the super chill way of telling all the girls who are going through a breakup that it’ll be okay because your homegirl got ya back. Olivia O’Brien is going to make sure you get over them fast. The single duo will be back on their bullishit. Why have a relationship when you can be thriving with your best friend with no strings attached to anyone? According to Olivia, being single is way more fun.

I wrote this song after one of my best friends went through a breakup,” Olivia says of the new track. “I wanted to remind her of how much fun we had together when we were both single and get her out of that breakup funk. It’s a fun, carefree, and empowering song about having fun with your girls no matter what you may be down about.

Olivia O’Brien

Bitch Back Official Single Cover Art

If you love Coyote Ugly, you will love this music video. Olivia pays homage to the movie by shooting her video at the bar it was filmed at. This music video is full of friendship goals. Dancing on the bar and in the streets, pouring liquor out the bottle, singing in front of a Christmas tree, all these things show signs of living your best single life. Just a video having fun with the girls and enjoying the freedom, the bond between them while they feed each other pizza and later eat some Big Macs. Girls just want to have fun and what better way to do that than eating junk food and dancing the night away. Listen, we respect anyone in a relationship (you can have freedom in a relationship, btw) but it just makes it even better when you can live it up with your girl dodging all the lame guys or girls that try to tear one of you down. The music video makes you wish you were in it. Living the coyote ugly dream of being a cute cowgirl busting it down on the bar top. The video seems personal, it doesn’t feel like it was a production and scenes were being shot. It genuinely looks like what Olivia and Fletcher do together often. Enjoying each others company making priceless memories that they’ll be able to constantly laugh about as the years continue.

Photo Credit: Sean Behr 

Everyone will love and enjoy this video because it is lighthearted, realistic and entertaining. Plus, “Bitch Back” is an absolute bop and definitely a song to be added to the playlist. Check it out down below you won’t regret it!

Olivia O’Brien – Bitch Back ft. Fletcher – YouTube

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