Van Siian smooth new dance track “Make It Happen”

A carefree release built on smooth, electronic beats, Van Siian’s “Make It Happen” gives the perfect modern lens to a nostalgic 80s-dance-pop sound. The synth lays itself out in satisfying blocks throughout the track, creating warm circles of color that move, bringing life to the instrumental. Siian’s silky voice is smooth and confident as she sings, “let’s make it happen,” and you’re sure that you can, in fact, do just that.

This upbeat sound is the kind that can make anyone want to dance, but it’s cool and sensual too; a song for a fashion show, a night drive, and a pool party all in one. And that’s precisely the all-encompassing persona that the song’s music video puts forth, the rhythmic bass keeping the contagious beat moving forward, insisting on movement from listeners everywhere.

“Make It Happen” is a collaborative track co-written by Siian and another pop artist named Lumel, both singer-songwriters based out of Seoul. The duo emphasized the positivity behind the making of the song. “The song is about finding your own rhythm when life seems to be in chaos, and also the way to actually feel love with your body instead of just walking around,” they said. To inspire listeners and viewers alike, the duo made a video for the song collaborating with some of their favorite dancers so that listeners could see and feel the spirit behind the song for themselves. “This track is truly full of passion and love,” they said.

Keep up with the South Korean artist Van Siian on her Instagram and Lumel on his social media for more from them. And listen to their new contagiously cool new single “Make It Happen” below!

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