Nother Collaborates with Moon Leap on “Lines,” a Textured, Lo-Fi Electronic Track

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Close your eyes and picture the swirling colors of the beautiful atmospheric event that is the Northern Lights. That beauty is emulated in a lo-fi electronic collaboration between Nother and Moon Leap. The result is a textured sonic mix of deep beats, bright synths, and soaring vocals that layer together to create “Lines.”

Nother is the solo project of Stefano Milella, created after years of collaboration as a producer, drummer, and composer for movies and TV, and propelled by the loss of a close friend. He has worked on many documentaries for National Geographic, The History Channel, FOX, and has also written several soundtracks for short films and movies, such as South is Nothing, Only For the Weekend, and There is a Light. Nother’s music has the ability to be both engrossing yet calm, soothing yet immediate. It’s electronic music with a human pulse, with an ability to find homes both in the headphones of our past year and on the dance floors of our re-emergence.

His new album Future Is Bright captures an optimistic tone, looking forward into a new horizon with warm hues. The album is out July 22nd on Abyond Music and can be pre-ordered here.

Enlisting the help of vocalist Moon Leap, Nother creates a captivating lo-fi arpeggio that brings listeners into the dazzling world of one of nature’s most gorgeous phenomenons. “Lines” captures a sense of calm from the lightness of the vocals, but also a sense of urgency from the relentless drums. With every turn of a lyrical line, the bassline builds into an increasingly energized sound, one that wraps around listeners and dances through the air. What started as a simple pairing of beats and whispery vocals ascends into an all-encapsulating sonic experience. The tranquility of the first half of the track is balanced out by the excitability of the second half, tied out by a more explosive ending of intricate details and depth.

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