Happy Friday junior to everyone who’s reading this and you know what that means? We are so close to the weekend! And you know what the best way to get those weekend vibes going is? Listening to some high-energy music that will coast you through your final work day. If that sounds like the way you want to start off your weekend, then I have the perfect brand new track for you.

“Last Night” is an upbeat and funky dance track that dropped earlier today on Skink Records, a record label for all sorts of club music that is owned by producer/DJ-duo Showtek. It’s an epic collaboration between mysterious Bermudian producer Noise Cans, Jamaica’s top-emerging producer/DJ Romario, and Atlanta-based pop vocalist Kaelyn Kastle. This fun-filled future bass track features groovy pianos, poppy vocals, futuristic background sounds, and future bass chords.

Noise Cans (left) is world-renowned for his unique island sounds and style which create a musical and sensory experience for audiences. On stage, he appears in modern interpretations of Gombey masks, an iconic symbol of Bermuda born of resistance to authority. Romario (middle) doesn’t confine himself to any one genre. As a cultural aggregator and producer, his style is influenced by electronic, pop, dancehall, and reggae, creating an eclectic electronic sound. Kaelyn Kastle (right) is a Bermuda-born artist who is known for her addictive blend of island sounds, brutal synths, and punchy beats with clear messages. She has used social media to her advantage in growing her brand and continues to explore new business ventures.

Together, these three powerhouse artists have created a song that ignites favorite memories of crowded dance floors, euphoric festival recollections, and all the joyous moments with friends that are forever stored in your mind. And that reminiscent feeling is exactly what was intended by this trio who wanted to give listeners a familiar night-life feeling of excitement and curiosity in efforts of waking up a part of all electronic fans that may have been hibernating for a while. Noise Cans states,

“Imagine the feeling it’s the last song of the night, at your favorite festival with your best friends in the world. That type of joy. The world really needs that right now.”

Romario builds on that statement by adding,

“This song is relatable to everyone as we’ve all had this moment Kaelyn describes in the lyrics; you’re at a show or anywhere where you’ve seen a fleeting love interest, spark a flame, whatever, and then they’re gone. Anxious butterflies…”

“Last Night” really digs deep into that nostalgia to create a sonic experience that transports listeners back to those memories. It’s an intoxicating reminder of how life used to be a year ago, and even though parts of your heart may feel sadness from longing for a return to that, this sparkling track will leave you feeling with nothing less than joyful elation. Kaelyn delivers a gorgeous vocal performance with sultry tones and velvety pitches over the hypnotically bouncy instrumental track. Complete with hard-hitting synths, shimmering embellishments, and driving basslines, this is a song that will get you moving through the lively build-ups.

Despite the physical distance separating the artists, the process itself was pretty easy and exciting. Noise Cans mentions, “Romario sent me an idea that I liked, I added my elements to it, and was like ‘Kaelyn would be dope on this,’ so we sent it to her. The rest was history.” Kaelyn also shared,

“It was actually fun trying to work in a new space, being that we really were able to communicate mostly through the internet. My favorite part was the new connection. It was great to create and explore new styles of music with producers and artists that you’ve always admired but have never worked with before. It was very exciting and super refreshing.”

While there still remains a good deal of uncertainty around these next few months, something I do know for certain is that “Last Night” will be heating up the charts while we want for a return to the memories it pulls on. And while we wait, you can listen to it on repeat (I shamelessly have) and get your groove on.

Elena Lin Administrator
I am a concert/festival photographer based in St. Louis. I’m always eager to travel for new music and experiences and to meet new faces!
Elena Lin Administrator
I am a concert/festival photographer based in St. Louis. I’m always eager to travel for new music and experiences and to meet new faces!

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