Listen to the Struggle of Relationships in Virginia to Vegas’s “No Excuses”

No Excuses by Virginia to Vegas released on February 4 is an upbeat electro pop song that simply makes you want to move. Throughout the song, the lyrics illustrate a story of a romance that is sending mixed signals. This is a relationship, or “situationship” if you will, that clearly evolves throughout the course of the song. The dynamic changes from a lack of exclusivity and a back and forth to not letting anything get in the way of how one feels for the other, as there are “no excuses”. The song calls out the triviality of “second guessing” and flirty messages when the feelings are clearly there for each other. This song validates the fear of commitment and the general back and forth in a hot and cold relationship while validating the strength of one’s feelings.

Viriginia to Vegas, the stage name of Derik John Baker, creates indie-pop songs sprinkled with sadness. The influence of this genre is seen throughout this track in the certain sadness behind the unknown in a relationship and the second-guessing that overthinking and overanalyzing has created.

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