NEW MUSIC: Sinéad Harnett’s New Deluxe Album

It’s February and we all know what that means right? We’ve finally reached the month of love. Yes, the weather is still chilly, but that won’t stop our celebration with ones we adore and hold special in our hearts. It could be a significant other, best friend, friends, pet, family or whomever we chose. Just as long as we show them our appreciation, and that L-O-V-E is more than a word. So, get those creative juices flowing and start preparing or better yet start the love fest so to speak this very moment. 

To help with setting the right mood, we could give the classics a spin or better yet try something completely new. Like perhaps from Los Angeles based UK R&B singer- songwriter Sinéad Harnett. Who recently released a deluxe version of sophomore acclaimed album entitled “Ready is always too late.”. Which was announced last January 28th and brought to you by The Orchard. 

This soothing, and heart melting record boasts of 11 tracks coming from the original, “Ready is always too late”, “Stay”, “Take me away (feat. EARTHGANG)”, “Last love”, “Anymore (feat. Lucky Daye)”, “Hard 4 me 2 love you”, “J.L (interlude)”, “Like this”, “Stickin’ (feat. Masego & VanJess)”, “Obvious”, and “Distraction”. Not only that but it also includes 3 new tracks that are absolute breath-taking gems, “At your best (You are love) (Sinéad Harnett cover)”, “Let go” and “Where you been hiding”. That’s a total of 14 beautiful tracks that would keep the candle burning for this entire month. 

When looking at this record in its entirety, it tells a story of triumph from bonds such as insecurities and uncertainties. We are reminded that love isn’t just meant to be given to other people; it should also be for ourselves too. To love oneself isn’t greedy, it’s a necessity. As well as the ingredient needed to build a harmonious relationship with another being.

The great part about this 14 track masterpiece is even though positivity is in its core, the songs featured are all grounded in reality.  All the situations, feelings and thoughts shared are relatable. It’s not scared to show that life isn’t easy at all especially in the realm of love. There will always be heartaches, frustrations and questions that will bother from time to time. Experiencing those aren’t signs that you failed, or destined to live alone. Nor are they signs of times that your world is crumbling down. Though it may feel like it, there will always be better days ahead. In fact, these are normal occurrences en route to finding the right one for you. Better yet, they could also be guiding lights as how to love someone the right way. Everyone goes through these, no exceptions here. Love is fair like that but what it also does is it always offers you two choices; will you look at it a situation in positive or a negative light? 

As far as the songs go, all 14 are drop dead wonderful. They give off that smooth vibe as well as that timeless sound. 13 of the 14 tracks are original and yet, they feel so familiar. They’re strangely nostalgic and cozy in a good way. They hit you right in the feels and straight to the heart, conjuring recent or old memories. Her sultry voice, the lyrics, the beat, and the delivery of each line work in concert to give us that other worldly experience comparable to falling in love for the first time. 

Can’t get enough of Sinéad Harnett? Well, you’re in luck! Feel free to follow her in the following platforms: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Spotify

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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