Kat Robichaud Impresses Everyone Once More with New Single “Signs”

Written three years ago, and now finally out for the world to enjoy, Kat Robichaud released “Signs,” a work that delves into how emotionally draining it can be when someone is constantly looking for answers to ignored questions.

Robichaud, originally from North Carolina and a previous competitor on 2013’s airing of The Voice, has an extremely impressive vocal range and handle of emotional outputs. Much of her focus is put on honoring the likes of previous greats in the music industry, and with every release she puts out, this is done exceptionally well. With the full potential of becoming a rock ‘n roll legend, as well as slowing down for no one, “Signs” is the next big step in Robichaud’s musical career, as it cements her name even further as someone to continuously look out for.

“The song is a departure from my more whimsical cabaret songs, partly because my style has changed and I’ve written and released several songs (hell, even an entire holiday album) since I wrote “Signs,” and partly because the desperation and exasperation of the message needed a harder edge. Screaming into a microphone can be extremely cathartic.”

~ Kat Robichaud (katrobichaud.com)

Even though “Signs” first went into production quite a bit of time ago, the writing held inside of the track fits fairly well into our post-pandemic society. The amount of detail that went into this song is immediately apparent with the introduction, and Robichaud sings in an incredibly powerful manner. “Signs” involves wanting to be set free from turmoil, desperately waiting for a savior, but the in truth, the savior is not one those are actually looking for. As Robichaud says herself, “We’re breeding while we bow our heads, averting all our gazes from the answers right in front of us.”

“Signs” can be accessed and listened to on Spotify here:

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