Night Tales Unveil New Indietronica Single, “Patient,” From Forthcoming Debut LP

Based in Los Angeles and originating from Australia, indietronica duo Night Tales are bridging the gap between Black urban culture and electronica with their diversified “swag and soul” approach to the genre. Their hope is to diversify and represent people of color in electronic music – championing acceptance and accessibility.

In anticipation of their forthcoming debut LP, Proof, and amidst the announcement of their first North American tour, Night Tales have been releasing singles to tease listeners with what is yet to come. “Patient” is the latest release, showcasing the duo’s dynamic penchant for pop melodies, invigorated by palatable, vibrant house production.

The Night Tales project has been nearly a decade in the making. Aaron Bannie was born in the U.K. and then made his way to Ibiza, where he learned how to mix and play on vinyl. He later relocated to Australia in hopes of elevating his own electronic project, Third Floor. Kamaliza Salamba is an Aussie native and also had his own career, playing in various bands and on his own self-titled R&B electronic project, prior to joining Night Tales. The two connected via a booking agent and almost immediately began collaborating on a house-infused, singer-songwriter project; with a production partner in Bannie, Salamba was able to focus more on his skills as a vocalist, resulting in an arrangement that gave them a chance to take all original songs and break them down in a totally different experience and energy.

In 2018, the duo struck a 3-single deal with the German label, Majestic Casual, and then went on to write a series of singles, including “Friends,” which racked up 5.7 million Spotify streams globally. To the delight of the duo, they discovered they already had a listening audience overseas in America and Europe and traveled to their new home of Los Angeles right before the pandemic took over the globe. Stuck inside their home studio during the pandemic, the duo reacted by doubling down on their creativity and committed to monthly single releases, finding a massive organic following as a result.

Spirited production and intrapersonal lyricism mark the 2022 release calendar for Night Tales. The producers offer high-paced production, synths, and echoed vocals to present a soundscape that is both emotional and energetic. While Night Tales offer the storytelling and lyrics for widespread accessibility, their roots in electronica provide credence to their ability to connect with both mainstream and festival audiences.

“Patient” is about trying to find a common ground with people in your life and understanding them every step of the way while you come to a mutual understanding.

Listeners find themselves in the middle of soothing melodies and tranquil dance beats with “Patient.” There is just enough energy in the thematic composition to induce a body-moving groove, but not so much that you become overwhelmed by the need to get moving, and as such, it calls forth the imagery of watching twilight skies roll in. You can find yourself at home on a sunset dancefloor through this track, a sentiment that is becoming more popular as the summer begins to turn over.

Elena Lin Administrator
I am a concert/festival photographer based in St. Louis. I’m always eager to travel for new music and experiences and to meet new faces!
Elena Lin Administrator
I am a concert/festival photographer based in St. Louis. I’m always eager to travel for new music and experiences and to meet new faces!

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