Nicky Romero x Nico & Vinz’s Dances To Eternity with ‘Forever’

Forever is such a long time. It’s an unending indefinite stretch that goes further than a trillion sunsets combined. Yet a lot of us throw the term around carelessly as if we were in a pillow fight. Giving this additional air of confusion when distinguishing whether the person we like has pure intentions. It’s like stepping into a crowded room and for the life of you can’t decipher what your partner is saying. The longer it goes, the hazier it gets.

Amidst this dizzying landscape we’ve created, there will be times when a light shines through. A moment of clarity showing us that forever still exists – true love’s version of it anyway. That voice of hope is found in Nicky Romero x Nico & Vinz’s newest song entitled ‘Forever’. Released March 14th in all major streaming platforms via Protocol Recordings. This is a track that speaks of a love that’s willing to wait and commit to that person till the very end. It’s an anthem for those who are sure that they’ve found the ‘right one’ and not just the ‘right now’.

Far from a fairy tale and the stories we see on screen. ‘Forever’ is grounded in reality with dashes of dreaminess to it. Through the powerful vocals, pumping instrumentals and fast paced vibe, it provide us this euphoria comparable to being in cloud nine. In a way mimicking how love takes over with no warning. Therefore, we should catch it with both two hands clutching unto it. “I wanna stay like this forever” as the lyrics would say. To take care and nurture it to the best of our abilities because forever is never guaranteed- “I’ll save space for you. Right here in my heart when you need me.”. It’s something we work on constantly. A choice we make every second of everyday. Hopefully the answer that escapes our lips is a resounding ‘YES!’, just like how ‘Forever’ celebrates true love on the dance floor.

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Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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