New single “The End is the Beginning” is an addictive multi-layered house track

With pulsing synth chords that wax and wane across electric soundscapes, Sonic Army jumps into “The End is the Beginning” with major house beats both hopeful and melancholy, echoing into an infinite abyss. Like a techno soundscape from a coming-of-age film, in the same realm as Anna Meredith’s work, the chords change and morph throughout the five-minute arrangement, crunching together and satisfyingly resolving in between, the sixteenth note changes both effortless and addictive.

Sonic Army has crafted a sound that’s melodic and explosive with their new track. With riptides of telefunk and modern electronic sounds, changing keys without warning while holding onto a melodic wave, the synth in their tracks is the basis of a multi-layered universe across realms both high and low, bursting with imagination. 

The multi-talented Minnesota-based duo came up with the concept of this song last summer and became enthralled by the imagined arpeggios and buildups. So, less than a year later, “The End is the Beginning” was born. After plenty of time to envision the song and cultivate its sound, it’s become even more multi-layered and expansive.

The group has mastered the art of adrenaline-fueled house music and strives to craft sound both emotional and moving. Using analog synths and FM sound with sampling and instrumentation, their tracks cultivate a unique musical experience. Follow the electronica group on Instagram and listen to their new song “The End is the Beginning” below.

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