Julie Odell comes from that part of the world that works just a bit differently than the rest; one that pumps out artists, musicians, writers, and Shakespeares of the creative spectrum moreso per capita than anywhere else in the United States. It is a part of the country, and of the world, that visionaries flock to for inspiration, camaraderie, and to find themselves. New Orleans is the ultimate creative mecca. 

One of the Big Easy’s own, Julie Odell  just released her first single “Caterpillar”  under the venerable Frenchkiss Records. Like Julie, “Caterpillar” is a unique musical reverie, ditching standard tempo variations for whimsy, natural mimesis. Odell’s solo sound gets its clarity from the artist’s keen attention to detail––varying noise levels, changined tempos, and oscillating vocal deliveries keep the listener both on their toes and in relaxing wanderlust.

On the single, Odell says “Caterpillar is about the transformative courage it takes to step into the unknown. It’s about life’s inevitable change and the change that we choose. It’s all a free fall of hoping and trusting that there will be something to grab onto before you land on your face. Navigating the emotional path of worry, doubt, fear, excitement, discovery, joy, peace and all the adrenaline in between.”  

Julie’s music is powerful, folky, dreamy, soulful, and marked by her detailed textures and obvious instinct for song-craft. It’s much harder to make a song that drifts off the beaten melodic path, but Odell treads it with confidence––she’s walked this line before. Of the new signing, Syd Butler of Frenchkiss Records explains, “Julie is a rare find in the music world. Her unique voice, inspirational approach to writing and creative vision transport you to an intimate world ripe with what is possible.”

Julie Odell, courtesy OffBeat Magazine

Growing up in Louisianna, Julie wanted to be a meterologist. She spent days in her parent’s van chasing southern storms with her friends. And while her childhood dreams didn’t pan out exactly as planned, Julie likes to think that in one way or another she’s still chasing those unpredictable beasts––now with a pen and guitar. Hailing from a family of artists, Julie spent most of her childhood on the road in her parents’ van, traveling from one art show to the next along the southern coast of Louisiana. Now she forges ahead, artistry running through her veins.

Listen to “Caterpillar” here, and check out the dates below to catch Julie live on tour.


November 15th |  Manchester, UK – Low Four TICKETS 

November 16th | London, UK – The Lexington TICKETS 

November 19th | Besancon, France – La Rodia *with Black Sea Dahu TICKETS 

November 20th | Belfort, France –  La Poudrière *with Black Sea Dahu TICKETS

November 22nd | Paris, France – Café De La Danse *with Black Sea Dahu TICKETS 

November 23rd | Lorient, France –  L’Hydrophone *with Black Sea Dahu TICKETS 

November 24th | La Rochelle, France – La Sirene *with Black Sea Dahu TICKETS 

November 25th | Vienna,  Austria –  Bluebird Festival TICKETS

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Carlie Houser Author
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