NCT Dream Drops English Version of “Beatbox”

NCT Dream is kicking off its tour to the United States with a special release of “Beatbox,” gifting fans with a version sung entirely in English. Language has never been a barrier for NCTzens, but they are nonetheless excited to sing along.

The newest single comes from the NCT Dream 2nd Regular Album Repackage, alongside tracks like “To My First,” “Sorry, Heart” and “On the way.” In particular, Beatbox exudes old-school hip-hop in a fun and youthful fashion. Or, as some call it, “newtro”— the combination of the words new and retro, signifying a mix of old and new. The entire tracklist does just that combining the classic sound with a fresh beat, singing about crushes, competition and coming together to have fun.

I feel the music in my brain goin’ crazy

We know there’s no stopping

So sing it loud, it’s time to start

The roof to the floor, nobody is stopping the flow

Spinning so loud round the globe

The whole world’s gonna hear us right now

– NCT Dream

The acronym “NCT” itself stands for Neo Culture Technology, a group of artists (or members) that make up several sub-units; NCT Dream is one. Now the purpose of NCT is to promote new culture, be it through music, videography and content overall. So, the groups demonstrate that ambition and eagerness by trying new genres and experimenting with new concepts. With NCT Dream, there is an emphasis on youth and the perspectives, as well as experiences that come with growing up. So the group sings about topics they know will resonate with fans but do so in a way that conveys that very spirit.

The lyrics hopefully and positively express the message that NCT Dream will present the music that only they can create. It provides everything you need to enjoy [their] youthful energy and cool charms.

– SM Entertainment

NCT DREAM TOUR THE DREAM SHOW2: In A DREAM has run all its stops in Asia. The group is now getting ready to tour in the States throughout April, kicking it off in New Jersey at the Prudential Center. Get ready to sing along by checking out their discography.

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