Simple and Soulful: Noah Cyrus and Vance Joy Collab for a New Single

Noah Cyrus and Vance Joy are a new and welcomed collaboration, releasing their single together “Everybody Needs Someone.” The project is exciting as each musician has a brilliant record. Vance Joy is most often associated with the song “Riptide,” a tune that got everyone on their ukuleles and guitars. The Australian singer-songwriter is on tour in the States, promoting his newest album In Our Own Sweet Time. Several of his shows sold out; fans are thrilled to finally hear him live.

On the other hand, Cyrus released one of her most vulnerable and impressive albums yet, The Hardest Part (Deluxe). The tracklist tells a story of her upbringing: growing up in a musical (and famous) family, recovering from addiction and reclaiming her name. She is very much forging her sound, and people are here for it. As for Everybody Needs Someone, Cyrus cannot help but recall her earlier years as an artist when she sang a cover of “Riptide” on SiriusXM. It went viral, by the way.

Such a full circle moment. [I] couldn’t be more honored to share this song with you [Vance Joy]. I was 15 when I got signed after singing “Riptide” in coffee shops…the pleasure’s all mine.

– Noah Cyrus

Ahead of the release, the two singers swapped snippets from the song. The recordings are simple— Cyrus sits in the dark fireside, while Vance Joy sings on guitar by the sea. There is something so simple yet raw, perfectly aligned with the tender meaning of the song.

Take my hand if you can take me as I am

Take my love if you can love me as I am

The lyrics talk about distance, sometimes differences, that two people can have. But there is a moment amidst that sense of loneliness where one becomes honest enough to reach out, to ask someone to stay. After all, it is the desire to be with someone during challenging times nevertheless. The accompaniment is relatively minimal, allowing for the moving melody and words to take full effect.

Both singers do what they do well, and they do it together with this single. Following its release, Cyrus is set to appear at the Beach Life Festival at Redondo Beach, California in May alongside artists like Gwen Stefani and The Black Keys. Vance Joy also has upcoming appearances at the Winnipeg Folk Festival and Sommo Fest in the summer. In the meanwhile, check out Noah Cyrus and Vance Joy and get acquainted with their music.

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