“My Sweetest Tone” Will Mesh Well With Your Ears

Courtesy of Tender Glue

Having his first interaction with a guitar at the age of 12, it wasn’t until eleven years later that Tom Gluewicki made it his mission to truly pursue being a musician. Going under the stage name “Tender Glue,” 2015 saw the release of Gluewicki’s first EP, “Wait For Steady Light”, a culmination of raw recordings composed with minimal equipment that created a raw, soulful DIY sound. Now out with his newest single, “My Sweetest Tone,” Tender Glue, explores his experience as an immigrant and overcoming the hardships he faced for being different.

As an uneducated immigrant who came to this country with no money or knowledge of English in my teenage years, the US quickly showed me where my place is. The verses represent this sort of way of being mistreated, and the chorus describes that no matter what life throws at me, I’ll always stand my ground and “carry on with my sweetest tone.”

Tender Glue on “My Sweetest Tone”

Prior to the first verse, the song showcases rich bass before being interrupted by jangly guitar and relaxed falsetto vocals. With distorted rhythm and atmospheric lead guitar playing simultaneously, an aura of texture is provided to the background. Loud and clear, the singing at each verse meshes wonderfully with shoegaze instrumentals and becomes more pronounced with the introduction of every chorus.

Courtesy of Tender Glue

All the pills are drying me out
You gave me hope but turning me down
All of you here but never around
It’s alright
I will carry on
In my sweetest tone

Lyrics for “My Sweetest Tone” – Tender Glue

Somber, the Tender Glue’s voice steals the spotlight at each refrain, with hopeful lyrics thematically displayed by beautiful vocals. Before the finale, an ambient guitar solo overtakes the mix, creating a dreamy display of tones mixed with well-produced drums. Overall ethereal, the song carries itself like a light at the end of the tunnel, not quite there, but optimistic it will reach its destination.

Video Credit: Aylou Official YouTube Channel

Currently, out now, you can listen to “My Sweetest Tone” here. For more news, be sure to stay tuned to Glasse Factory.

Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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