Musical Mythology: “Medusa” by ThatBehavior, Arcando, and Chris Jobe

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A trifecta of musicians come together for the released track, “Medusa,” an intense comparison of Medusa to the love-drunk fondness. Dutch music producer Arcando (Marc Bandecchi), brings a mixture of progressive house and pop to the track, while the German / Dutch duo, ThatBehavior, assemble a unique sound beneath. Our third piece of the tri-collab, Nashville-based Chris Jobe, brings “Medusa” together with his R&B infused pop vocals like the bow on your favorite birthday present.


With the instant appeal, “Medusa” begins with Chris Jobe’s voice, claiming one look at her and a blank brain will follow. The song has a yawning, steady bass, with an electro-pop chorus, bringing in both sounds from Arcando and ThatBehavior. The chorus draws-out the ‘S’ when Jobe sings the word ‘Medusa,’ musically bringing the Greek myth-monster to life.

The beat fades out with the final chorus, ending the three-way collaborative single by Arcando, ThatBehavior, and Chris Jobe. Find and listen to “Medusa” on Spotify, YouTube, or Soundcloud.





Chris Jobe

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