After nearly two years of planning; Los Angeles-based musician and songwriter Mothica shares her story of getting clean and sober to the world in brand new music video of her single, “Blackout,” from her debut album, Blue Hour.

As an independent artist, Mothica’s level of success so far is nothing short of impressive. Over the last five years, she has released music topping Spotify pop charts. Recently, fans pitched in to fund her most ambitious music video to date.

Featuring 50s vibes, a demon, and a story of growing past the allure and addiction to alcohol and self harm, Mothica broke down her concept with fans and shared its process from start to finish, all while inspiring others in her story of getting sober and clean.

Watch this beautiful video below:

Stream Mothica’s debut album on Spotify:

Read more about the artist below!

“⟡ I’m an independent artist without a record label, booking agent, publishing deal, etc.

⟡ I’ve lived in Oklahoma City, Brooklyn and now Los Angeles

⟡ “Mothica” comes from the metaphor of being nocturnal and self-destructive like a moth

⟡ I have 25 tattoos and counting!

⟡ I’ve struggled with depression and self harm since high school and that’s why I make music

⟡ I love making art (@artbymothica)

⟡ I shoot film photography (@peachrippley)

⟡ I’ve been sober from drugs and alcohol for 14 months

⟡ I make songs to understand my own feelings and to empower myself

⟡ I collect taxidermy

⟡ My mom sells vintage clothes in OKC which is mostly where I get all of my outfits and decor @thejunkfairyok

⟡ I’m releasing several music videos this year

⟡ My next EP is already written and has a totally different vibe than the music i’ve released so far

⟡ My vice is non dairy dessert”

— Mothica

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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