Mordent.iO Stuns With ‘Love Darlingtron’

For the longest time, us humans have been fascinated by Ai. With limited knowledge and resources back then, this obsession materialized in pop culture mainly in sci-fi films such as ‘2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)’ , ‘Metropolis (1927), to name a few. Now that we’ve entered a stage in our shared history that we’re more learned. We still carry this burning desire to replicate “life”. The things is, they’re no longer pipe dreams. To echo the little girl from the film ‘Poltergeist (1982)’, “They’re here!”.

Rising from the ashes in the same vein is duo Mordent.iO’s latest song ‘Love, Darlingtron’. Released May 2nd in all major streaming platforms all over the globe. ‘Love, Darlingtron’ is a track inspired by Ai and its burgeoning music career. A child swiftly learning its way around the world. This is a play on what “baby’s first composition” might sound like on his debut. Ahh they grow up so terrifyingly fast, with a new career path to boot!

Although lyrics are sparse, Mordent.iO’s ‘Love, Darlingtron’ packs a tremendous punch through its rhythm and beats. It manages to say a ton, with less words which is truly astounding. Despite its futuristic and spacey sound, the approach to it is still organic. Utilizing vintage synthesizers, sensory percussion and handful of DAW tools, to bring this beauty to fruition. Mordent.iO makes a bold statement saying “Anything you can, I can do better.”. As if kids on a schoolyard, a challenge is put on the table. Who can out do who? Who’s name will be up in lights? No one knows for sure just yet. But it would not be surprising if Darlingtron and Co. showed up again, this time with more in their arsenal and a full length album.

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Happy Sunday!

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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