Imaginations Run Wild In Cousin Betty’s ‘Weddings In Space’

A wedding in a nutshell is a covenant between lovers in the eyes of God and humans. It’s the day where both their worlds merge into one. For those closely involved, it’s an official start of a new chapter. Like a big crossover event on tv or film, this is an event for the ages. Thus a lot of speculation, stress, anticipation and other extreme emotions swirl around in happenings like this.

This life altering moment is also tackled albeit in a more outrageous way in Australian band Cousin Betty with their song ‘Weddings In Space’. Released last May 5th in all major streaming platforms and as lead track for their self titled LP via Barney Collins. ‘Weddings In Space’ is an eclectic and energetic look at a wedding set in an impossible destination (for now). While it is fantastical in nature, the feeling as felt in traditional ones are still present. This time in a larger scale, that only The Guardians Of The Galaxy could handle (I am Groooooott!!!).

With vocals as hard hitting and strong like tequila, laced in fiery instrumentals that set the heart pounding. Cousin Betty proves a point that sometimes bigger isn’t always better. Most especially when you’re going over your heads and similar to the Broadway show ‘Wicked’, you’ve also tried “Defying Gravity”. As a result hurting yourselves and everyone else in the end. All of a sudden, it’s not that funny anymore – you’ve become the joke now.

Sure, the premise for this rock tune is temporarily fictitious. But within its colorful segments, there lies nuggets of wisdom. First off: showing grand gestures in a relationship is fine but should never be the measurement for expressing one’s love. Lastly, like it’s setting give space to your significant other. Never smother and enclose them in a box just because they say they’re “yours for the taking”. Be wise in your ways and know your lover, fiancé or spouse fully. Have awareness in what you have to offer, and improve on it if able. So you don’t end up being an alien in a life you’re building together.

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Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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