On July 13th, the New York City-based trio Moon Kissed announced “their sophomore album, I’d Like To Tell You Something Important, due out October 22nd.” Along with that announcement, they released the lead single, “Bubble Gum.” The track is, in the words of Khaya Cohen, about “coping with the frustrations of dealing with men.” 

“A common thread in the band’s current releases is joy as an act of resistance and Moon Kissed acts as a permission slip to feel free in your body and soul even within the confines of the world today. At their core, this band is a magnet for self-expression without hesitation.” “Bubble Gum” is absolutely an extension of this. With no filter on the lyrics and only a mild filter on the intro vocals – literally, of course, not figuratively – “Bubble Gum” sees Cohen and co. be sarcastic about the stereotypical femininity expected by some people (“Twirl my hair and pop my bubble gum/that’s how I get what I want”) while simultaneously comparing the men who expect that stereotype from them to the titular bubble gum.

The visual of the music video is also a simultaneous takedown and embracing of that stereotypical femininity. In the video, Moon Kissed’s wardrobe is reminiscent of eighties fashion for the first part, then it switches to them wearing dresses on top of said eighties fashion, and finally, it shows them destroying the aforementioned dresses, symbolizing a destruction of the feminine stereotype and allowing them to be their authentic selves without giving a damn what the negative men in their life think. 

Moon Kissed is most known for the energy they bring to their live performances, so be sure to keep an eye out for announcements in the future of upcoming shows. Also, be sure to check out the music video for “Bubble Gum” and let us know what you think!

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