Hailing from Salt Lake City, Eidola has released not one but two new singles “Perennial Philosophy” and “Hidden Worship”. The tracks are taken from their upcoming album ‘The Architect’ out on September 17 via Blue Swan Records/Rise Records.

Formed in 2011, the band currently consists of lead vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Wells, lead guitarist Sergio Medina, bass guitarist James Johnson, rhythm guitarist and unclean vocalist Matthew Dommer, and drummer Matthew Hansen. They self-released their debut studio album, The Great Glass Elephant, in 2012, before signing to Blue Swan Records. The group released their second and third albums, Degeneraterra, in 2015, and To Speak, To Listen, in 2017.

Earlier this year, we chatted with Sergio Medina about the upcoming album, as well as the first single toward it, “Counterfeit Shrines.” He stated that though the albums all have their own vulnerabilities, this one may speak as the band’s most raw to date. “Andrew Wells is the mastermind behind the project, speaking on traumatic experiences in the past,” Medina stated in the interview.

To honor Andrew Well’s experiences, we will leave the interpretation of the new singles up to the statements he provided upon the tracks’ releases, and comment on the lyricism and craft of them.

Speaking on “Perennial Philosophy”, vocalist Andrew Wells shares:

Conceptually inspired by an Aldous Huxley novel of the same name, Perennial Philosophy explores an array of theological implications through the lens of anthropology. The song attempts to decipher objective truths in a sea of lies and deceptions. The lyrics imply that universal wisdom is paramount when sifting through parasocial biases and historical context while defining the purpose of human consciousness.

Wells’s vocals encapsulate the peak of emotion in this track. Raw and wide open, he pours his heart for all to hear. It allows for those who’ve experienced similar traumas to immediately feel connected to the craft and the words written to inspire healing and moving forward.

Wells also commented on “Hidden Worship”:

Hidden Worship provides a concise introduction to the themes of chaos, introspection, despair, forgiveness, and redemption that compose the narrative woven throughout The Architect. The song sets the stage for a protagonist’s journey through the end of the world to the darkest depths of hell.

Feeling far shorter in comparison, the weight of this track lies heavy in the heart of those who listen as they’re gripped by the guitar and instrumental intro. The track continues to build as the vocals increase in intensity until it reaches its peak with heavy and emotionally-ridden vocals at about one minute and thirty seconds in. The track expresses a sense of relief in its sound from there as it instrumentally pours out everything buried from within and puts it on a platter before fading into the background into its conclusion.

Stream the new singles now; available on all streaming platforms:

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