MISSIO Releases the Vulnerable “Skeletons III” | A Cinematic & Re-Imagined Experience

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In celebration of their upcoming EP, Skeletons III, MISSIO conducted a Livestream event capturing the cinematic rearrangements of their previous songs and a brand new cover of the Flaming Lips’ “Do You Realize.” Although the band’s newly re-imagined arrangements of “Vagabond,” “Losing My Mind,” “Roman Empire,” “Can You Feel The Sun,” and “Do You Realize,” the musicians present this project in a light that genuinely grasps for a connection. 

Skeletons III Trailer

Skeletons III, MISSIO’s first ever short film, acts as a visual representation of an outpour of existentialism, illuminating nature as its own main character through capturing vulnerability, fashion, and duality. The stripped-down performance with charming vocals and haunting instrumentals open the night and throughout, continue to build momentum to reach beyond the screens and play the heartstrings of their fans. 

Although this raw short film may not be comparable to a live, in-person experience, it certainly takes a close second. The project, taking place at Joshua Tree, California, captures that feeling of being in isolation. In the Live Q & A, MISSO addresses the project’s making and how it was just them, with no extra cameraman, filming whatever they chose in complete seclusion from the outside world. 

Skeletons III; Livestream Short Film

The world still may be recovering from the events of this past year. Still, MISSIO reminds fans of the euphoric feeling that connects a chemical brain to live performances while delivering their vision for the project. In the live Q&A, David Butler shares,

“We never feel like our artistic vision was at the forefront in some of the previous work. There’s not a lot of time to put your full artistic foot forward. I think for this, we were kind of wanting to push ourselves. Let’s see what can happen if we use some of that budget to go on a trip and just got to experience life together, hanging out. Just being reminded of the peacefulness and that kind of meditative state that comes along with being in nature.”

Skeletons III; Livestream Short Film

Check out MISSO’s “Skeletons” project on Spotify.

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